Reliance 3G Prepaid Mobile Internet Tariff Plans In Bihar

Reliance 3G net packs in Bihar

Reliance mobile internet offers unlimited browsing and downloading on its various internet packs which are affordable in context to prepaid users. Internet packs provides the various prevailing Reliance 3G GPRS/data/internet tariff plans for the Reliance prepaid users in India. Reliance 3G gprs/internet plans helps to browse very fast and easy to download songs games etc. Reliance also provides 3G unlimited internet packs.


List of Reliance 3g net packs in India.


AmountValidity3G Data UsageExtra Usage ChargesExtra BenefitsSMS ActivationSMS ActivationUSSD Activation
101 day30MB3p/10KBMN10 to 53739MN10 to 51111*565*010#
303 days75MB3p/10KBMN30 to 53739MN30 to 51111*565*030#
457 days150MB3p/10KBMN45 to 53739MN45 to 51111*565*045#
9730 days300MB3p/10KBMN97 to 53739MN97 to 51111*565*097#
19830 days500MB3p/10KBMN198 to 53739MN198 to 51111*565*198#
24730 days1GB3p/10KB150 Talk time (Local & STD Calls only)MN247 to 53739MN247 to 51111*565*247#
44830 days2GB3p/10KB300 Talk Time ( Local & STD calls only)MN448 to 53739MN448 to 51111*565*448#


AmountValidity3G Data UsageExtra Usage ChargesSMS ActivationSMS ActivationUSSD Activation
10030 days300MB2P/10KBMN100 to 53739MN100 to 51111*565*100#
19930 days750MB2P/10KBMN199 to 53739MN199 to 51111*565*199#
25030 days1GB1P/10KBMN250 to 53739MN250 to 51111*565*250#
45030 days2GB1P/10KBMN450 to 53739MN450 to 51111*565*450#

3G at 2G Rates ( for both Prepaid & Postpaid)

AmountValidityData UsageSMS KeywordsUSSD CodesExtra Information
12330 Days1GBACT G123 to 53739*777*123#Only for SmartPhones
24630 Days2GBACT G246 to 53739*777*246#Only for SmartPhones
49230 Days4GBACT G492 to 53739*777*492#Only for SmartPhones