Idea 2G Prepaid Mobile Internet Tariff Plans In Assam

Idea 2g net packs in Assam

Idea mobile internet offers unlimited browsing and downloading on its various internet packs which are affordable in context to prepaid users. Internet packs provides the various prevailing Idea 2g GPRS/data/internet tariff plans for the Idea prepaid users in India. Idea 2g gprs/internet plans helps to browse very fast and easy to download songs games etc. Idea also provides 2g unlimited internet packs.


List of Idea 2g net packs in India.


AmountValidityData Usage Bundled
51 Day50 MB
133 Days150 MB
4730 Days500 MB
9830  Days1GB
14730  Days2 GB


AmountValidityFree Usage
14930 Days50 MB Free
4930 Days10 MB Free
9830 Days2 GB Free
59930 DaysUnlimited

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